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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. thieves apparently picked out the most available items at a warehouse that stores much needed supplies for a contra costa charity and volunteer organization that serves a local high school. new at 10:00, john sasaki live in contra costa county where those thieves hit sometime during the past week. john-- >> reporter: frank, those two groups they store all of their supplies here and tonight they are devastated. one gives high school seniors a night of their lives and the other delivers christmas to thousands of people who would other wise go without. >> reporter: christmas trees in march, but here in contra costa county there is not much
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christmas cheer. >> after 28 years it shuts us down. >> reporter: these organizations help supply christmas to hundreds of people every year. >> anyone who needs christmas. >> reporter: but all that is in jeopardy because thieves broke into the warehouse and cleaned up most everything of value. >> all our big cooks pots, thousands of dollars of presents. they took our trees, decorations, clothes every single thing -- 68 tables. 100 chairs. >> unconsciousable that someone would steal from an organization like that. >> they got probably $10,000 of equipment of ours which included tools, electronics, extension cords, lighting. >> reporter: volunteers transform part of the school into into an oasis for
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students. >> we do fund raising any way but this year it's going to have to be more. >> everybody looking forward to grad night. it sucks to hear that someone would ruin that for us. >> reporter: the two groups say they sustained a combined $60,000 in losses. the sheriff's office says it is tracking down leads. live in contra costa county, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. officials in contra costa county are working to stop the release of a convicted sex offender. 689-year-old charles christman received a conditional release last month. -- 69-year-old charles c, h ristman. the deputy da says he plans to request a stay of the release order until an appellate court considers the issue. a registered sex offender is behind bars in the south bay tonight after allegedly breaking into a woman's home. officers say they arrested 29-
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year-old ryan kamfolt as he pretended to be a bystander at the scene. a woman said she woke up and saw the suspect standing right over her bed. that was at about 3:15 this morning. he ran off but officers tracked him down minutes later. they say the that the parolee was wearing an ankle bracelet and also had women's underwear in his pocket. the board of supervisors unanimously approved two measures aimed at restricting the sale of ammunition. the ordnances were introduced in the wake of the shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. one measure would require dealers to report to police when someone buys more than 100 rounds of ammunition. the supervisors must take a second vote before the measures take effect. now to a developing news in san francisco, dozens of city workers and their supporters are gathered at city hall at this hour protesting possible wage cuts. we want to show you a live picture here inside the city hall rotunda in the last five
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minutes as we've been watching they've been applauding and cheering. this has been going on now for over an hour. members of the feiu 1021 labor union say the city plans to cut wages on positions held by women. we will keep you posted here if there are any arrests we understand that some protesters may want to be arrested. we're keeping an eye on this, we'll keep you posted throughout the course of this newscast. the highway patrol reopened highway 101 after a serious accident. the chp says 26-year-old ronny morales andino was speeding and making aggressive lane changes
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when he lost control near the redwood landfill just before 1:15 this afternoon. his volkswagen rear ended a gmc yukon. andino suffered serious injuries. the lanes were closed so that a medic helicopter could land. chavez served as president for 14 years, the socialist leader gained popularity for using the nation's oil income to pay for many social programs for the poor. but he was also a polarizing figure to americans for close ties with cuban leader fidel castro. we've learned that venezuela's foreign minister has said that the vice president has assumed the presidency there in venezuela. people gather in the mission district for a memorial rally for the venezuelan
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president. these pictures came from news chopper 2 just a few minutes ago from the b.a.r.t. station. you can see a crowd of a couple dozen people with signs and banners reading viva chavez. happening now, the big unveiling of the bay bridge light art installation is less than three hours away. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in san francisco where she talked to the artist who designed the bay lights project. >> reporter: at 9:00 tonight is where the man who designed the bay lights project will turn the switch that will transform the nighttime view of the bay bridge for the next two years. this is what the lights are going to look like. the bay lights will look like tonight and every night. this is video from one of the lighting tests performed last week. the design that the 25,000 sparkling l.e.d. lights will make will be different every single night. the pattern will never repeat. the people involved in the project spoke at a press conference that wrapped up about an hour ago here at the ferry building. the artist who created the
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display says part of the inspiration for using l.e.d. lights coming from the bay area's reputation as a technology hub. an estimated 50 million people are expected to see this public arts display over the next two years. >> this piece is incredibly accessible. you don't have to buy a ticket. you don't have to go into any building. it's there and available. light has a very universal quality. almost anyone can see it and have some response to it and it's operating on a very primal level. and san francisco mayor ed lee says the economic impact of this project is $97 million. and he said that's a conservative estimate. 97million from all the tourists and visitors who will come here to see the lights. the civic pride this arts display will generate is even more than the money. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu news. will stream the bay bridge lighting display live. the lights are supposed to go on at 9:00 p.m.
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tonight. you can log on to or our ktvu app and click on the live stream button and watch. and raining when they pull the switch there at 9:00. >> close, really close. around 9:00 or 10:00 it's going to start to shower. we'll have it on the 10:00 news. we have showers in the north bay, they're heading south. and we will be wet in the bay area tonight. the main frontal band will go through the bay area tonight. you see the live radar sweeps, it's raining pretty hard there in eureka. there's a lot more here that the radar cannot pick up. as it gets closer to shore the radar should start to hit it. but in the next hour or so. this area that is now impacting the heelsburg area and working its way to santa rosa this area will begin to slide south. showers are being reported in j
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enner. we're expecting significant rainfall. rest of the bay area is try but that's all going to change. when we come back, latest computer model it's a time line. it toggles through tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow night and the next day. because we have about three days or 72 hours of inclement weather around here. we'll see you back here. santa cruz police are giving the public another opportunity to pay tribute to two fallen officers. a public viewing for sergeant lauren butch baker and officer elizabeth butler is set for tomorrow from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the santa cruz memorial. the viewing comes one day before a public memorial service at san jose's hp pavilion. the city of santa cruz and metro are offering bus vouchers for those heading to thursday's memorial from santa cruz to san jose. the vouchers are for people with special needs or with no other way to attend. the city is also broadcasting the memorial at the kaiser permanente arena and del ma r-
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rbg theater both of which are in santa cruz. ktvu will follow the coverage live as the funeral procession makes its way from santa cruz to the hp pavilion in san jose. santa clara supervisor george sirakawa left office in disgrace for spending public money on gambling and other abuses. robert handa has today's board decision on how to fill his vacant seat. >> reporter: there was a noticeable face missing today with the portraits of the santa clara board supervisors are displayed. he has agreed to plead guilty to numerous felony charges including spending campaign and public funds to feed a gambling addiction. today the board unanimously voted to hold a special election scheduled for june 4th
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rather than appoint a temporary replacement. >> it gives them a right of self-determination. >> reporter: the county registrar of voters began getting ready as soon as they were notified. chavez and alvarado have been talked about possible candidates. >> five to 15 candidates, there's a filing fee involved. so that could deter some candidates. there's about a $1,400 filing fee for that. >> reporter: on march 15, ch era kawa will be in court and a sentencing date will be held. there's an an on going investigation into his alleged violation. >> we don't make that the information or details of that public while we're doing the investigation. so i don't think there'll be anything that will affect the special election. >> nomination paper work will be accepted starting march 14th after approval by the board
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next tuesday. robert handa, ktvu news. a government watchdog is accusing chevron of violating federal campaign finance law. in a complaint filed today, public citizen and several environmental groups said that donation is against federal campaign finance law. chevron has not commented on the complaint. after the break, neighbors of oakland's mayor taking safety into their own hands. >> we hope she'll join in tomorrow if she wants. >> reporter: what they're doing and why they don't want to rely on the police. >> vacant for a decade. we will reveal the plans for this building. >> we're really excited about helping it flourish. plus the perks of being a politician. details on a hawaii trip some lawmakers took but did not fully pay for. 97
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new at 6:00, public patrols may be coming to oakland mayor gene quan's neighborhood but not because she ordered them. ktvu's paul chamber is in the news now with the security concern that has her neighbors looking into this new option. paul-- >> reporter: frank people living in the oakland hills say enough is enough with burglaries in the area. so they're taking matters into their own hands and hiring public securities. back in june of 2011 i did a story with libby shaft about neighbors who also hired private security. neighbored walked the streets with private security officer who is will start patrolling their streets. they say oakland police aren't on the job. >> when they visit here its
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infrequently. with the response time, it's not what we would expect or hope. >> reporter: some neighbors already installed home surveillance cameras and security systems but that's not enough. >> my neighborhood has had a similar security service for a little over a year now. i think that the people who enjoy that service do feel more comfortable. >> reporter: shots at opd is working with some private firms helping them coordinate their efforts. police are even considering putting license plate leaders into the private security cars which will alert them to stolen vehicles in the area. mayor quan isn't part of the group hiring the private patrol. >> private pa troll is a great help but they're no substitute of having the adequate staff that oakland police need. >> reporter: including area where is there currently is private security. >> i encourage everybody to
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belong to a neighborhood group. >> the mayor is just not part of the first 67 homes that got started. >> reporter: it comes at a coast of $700 annually per homeowner. a new push is under way to better track doctors who overprescribe addictive pills. camela harris says the state's data base is outdated and backlogged. she is asking law members to start legislation to update the software and pay for criminal enforcement teams. money would come from a fee increase on doctors and pharmacists licenses. >> pharmacists absolutely see it as worth it. as i said controlled substance, inappropriate controlled substance behavior by patients is a real crisis in our communities. >> reporter: drug manufacturers and wholesalers would also see
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a fee increase. four bay area lawmakers would be among those who took a trip to hawaii thanks to a nonprofit. assemblyman paul fong accepted accommodations in maui. it also found that susan bonilla and bob weckowski and noreen evans of santa rosa accepted accommodations at a separate conference in maui also in november. it was hosted by the pacific policy research foundation. according to the bee neither group discloses its donors. travel gifts are legal as long as there's a governmental purpose. a report out today shows job growth in silican valley is slowing. the annual ceo business climate survey found 46% of silican valley companies expect to
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increase the size of their work force. last year 50% plan to add jobs. the survey also suggests job growth across the bay area and in california they also slow down this year. it was a record day on wall street where the dow jones climbed to an all time high. the dow's last record closed were set in october of 2007 before the financial crisis. analysts say strong corporate earnings, the government stimulus and economic recovery are all pushing the markets higher. today the dow climbed 125 points to close at 14,253. the nasdaq was up 42 points. we're getting our first look at the construction of the new global headquarters for san francisco's air bnb. the ktvu cameras were the only ones allowed inside.
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air bnb are the first to allow people to rent for short time accommodations. >> we're going to double in size the next year to year and a half. considerably, it'll be hundreds and hundreds of more after that. >> reporter: mayor ed lee was also on hand for today's tours. employees are set to move in in late spring. we are waiting on the rain. outside right now we've got clouds moving into the bay area. but it's been clear most of the day. look back toward diablo. it's clear out in the mountains but the clouds are working their way east and south. look at the flag in the southern corner. it's a strong south wind. that's another direction. mainly it's blowing the other way. we're seeing strong south winds in advance of this weather system which will bring rain to the bay area in the next few hours. it's bringing rain to the bay area, bodega bay and santa rosa soon. you have showers out by sebasta
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pool showers. it's about on time. it's what we've been expecting. the model timed it out this way. the system proper does, we will see .4, .5. there's more impulses behind it. it's a cool weather system. snow levels will be low. we will see thunderstorms as we get into thursday afternoon. we could see snow on bay area peaks thursday night into friday. sun comes out tomorrow. you're going to wake up, hey it's not such a bad day. i will show you what i mean. 11:00 there's showers. then we get into 1:00 a.m. more scattered showers. then we get into this back end, 6:00 a.m. right. so the roads are wet for your morning commute. there might be a few sprinkles and drizzle but your morning commute looks bearable. then showers show up at 9:00 a.m. in fairfield and concord. then more scattered showers at 1:00. hit and miss tomorrow. this commute looks like it's
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starting to dry out. but behind that we get another push of showers on thursday morning. so here's how it breaks down. forecast rainfall accumulations maybe an inch of rain if we're lucky. but winter storm warning in effect tonight through tomorrow. heaviest snow above 12,000 feet. maybe 2 feet of snow by the time we're all done. your five day forecast looks like this. a wintery mix of weather. tomorrow's scattered showers, thursday a chance of thundershower. that's the time of day we may get reports of a small tornado or funnel cloud in the valley. this time of year a lot of daytime heating. we'll have live storm tracker 2 when the rain starts coming down. >> we'll see you then. coming up on bay area news at #:00 on tv 36. do red light cameras improve safety -- coming up on bay area news at 6:00 on tv 36. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. celebrating a century. the 100-year-old piece of
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history that marks the day walnut creek became its own city.
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the city of walnut creek is
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getting ready to celebrate a milestone. check out this headline that was october of 1814 where voters approved incorporating the city of walnut creek. the idea was to raise money to pave main street. officials say they are in the early stages of planning the yearlong celebration for 2014. residents can offer suggestions on the city's website. >> it's growing and growing. >> mark is here now with another reason why 49er fans may have extra reason to be happy tonight. >> yeah in the next few days you're going to be hearing a lot of rumors and next week some trades, free agent signings those kind of things. one of the hottest rumors making the rounds around the 49ers that would be about the possible acquisition of durell rivas. he is known around the league as what they call a shut down corner. meaning nobody can complete a pass against him. he's with the jets, three time first team probowl player. ironically he suffered a season ending knee injury against the 49ers last season. but he is good to go and could
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be acquired in a trade from the jets. he talked today publicly about joining san francisco. >> looking at their roster and their team i would just be an addition to help them you know win that trophy. so would it be awesome i mean yeah. my main goal as a player i think all of us as players in the nfl is to get that -- hold that lombardy trophy up in the air and we are that ring. all right, meantime the warriors breaking their four game skid last night against toronto. the first of seven straight home games. they have to make a little hay. andrew boman back in the line up. even with the victory he is not satisfied personally or with the team yet. >> so there's still a lot of work to do honestly. the play offs are not guaranteed. the lakers are sneaking up behind us. we need to create a bit of a gap and we haven't been playing
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good basketball for the last four to six weeks. we haven't played like we did early on in the season for whatever reason. but we need to work offensively and we need to pick it up. >> sharks take the ice tonight. that's the sporting life for now. the bay bridge is going to light up the sky tonight in the first of its kind light display tonight on the 10:00 news we're going to show you the glowing bay display. >> thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?


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